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Michael Zelehoski

Born 1979 in Massachusetts, USA

Sculpture has been defined as a three-dimensional object in space. The site-specific installation I am creating for VOLTA involves the collapse of found, three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional space. In this ongoing dialogue between physical and pictorial space, object and representation, my hope is that these humble, quotidian objects will become more active and productive on the level of our experience.

Michael Zelehoski, Pedestal, 2009, assemblage with found wood and painted plywood, 37 x 27 inches
Michael Zelehoski, Stretcher, 2013, assemblage with canvas stretchers and painted plywood, installation view/dimensions variable
Michael Zelehoski, Mr. Speaker, 2013, assemblage with found speaker, plywood and painted plywood, 25 x 35 inches
Michael Zelehoski, Suspension Boards, 2011, assemblage with found wood and painted plywood, 51 x 91 inches
Michael Zelehoski, Intersecting Planes, 2012, assemblage with found shelves and painted plywood, 38 x 27 inches