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Michael Pajon

Born 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Collage is a scavengers’ medium, and though collected from the discarded, this work is not meant to be nostalgic. These bits of bone and sinew are not unlike a memento mori – a remembrance of ones mortality – in a state of reanimation.

These maps, postcards, children’s book illustrations, matchbooks, sheet music, and calling cards are the guts and gristle of common things people collected over a life, spared the fate of being buried in the rubble and shadows of once prosperous towns. This group of work contemplates the most humble of human remains: old matchbooks from junk shops, antique postcards and books, sheet music, cracker jack toys, and other objects once treasured, lost and resurrected. By collaging these elements amidst drawings and other media, I create small relationships to arrive at a whole image. Like delicate strands of DNA, these tiny pieces in combination hold the key to unique identity – the common as well as the fantastic.

Michael Pajon, The Hunter’s Gambit, 2012, mixed media collage on tin type, 22 x 22 inches
Michael Pajon, They Lived on Smoke and Whisky, Wins and Losses, 2012, mixed media collage, 11.5 x 13.5 inches
Michael Pajon, Lost a Brother, Gained a Wife, 2012, mixed media collage on cabinet card, 10 x 18 inches
Michael Pajon, Aviary of Kept Men and Hungry Messengers, 2012, mixed media collage, 6.5 x 4.25 inches
Michael Pajon, A Century of Progress, 2012, mixed media collage, 18 x 20 inches