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Mauro Giaconi

Born 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Ruin is abstraction is a proposed study of drawing that researches in a confined space (12 square meters) landscape, and space in a poetic state proposing the juxtaposition of two contradictory spatial states: closure and release.


The focus of the project will be framed by a study of drawings that I'm currently developing and are mainly part of the idea of ​​expanded drawing, drawing far from the traditional format, which is projected as a transformer and generator of spaces and thoughts.


In a state of decay, insecurity and tension of the landscape, space, embraces and envelops the viewer to walk or dwell in a place to be aware of the precariousness of the surrounding environment.


From the drawing processes in which the image is built and destroyed from successive layers of drawing and blurring (The drawing is done with graphite, and the blurring is generated from gestural strokes of eraser, electric sander, diluent and different corrosive materials) is constructed, and in turn destroys the image, the representation, the gesture.

Mauro Giaconi currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Mauro Giaconi, Partir (Intervention on Mamba Museum Buenos Aires walls), 2012, graphite and rubber eraser on dry wall, variable dimensions
Mauro Giaconi, Meters away of the Buffalo, 2012, graphite and rubber eraser on paper, 83 x 110 inches
Mauro Giaconi, Temporada de Plomo, 2012, graphite, rubber eraser, sand paper, pain on dry wall and glass, variable dimensions
Mauro Giaconi, Classic Atlas, 2012, graphite on olds atlas book, 13 x 17 inches