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Winterfeldtstrasse 35, 10781 Berlin, Germany

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Katrin von Lehmann

Born 1956 in Berlin, Germany

Hunting the hidden dimension – Nature’s repetitive process

What is influencing us more? An image of nature or a direct experience in nature? What is the reciprocal action between an image illusion and an experience?  How does this reciprocal action influence our behavior?

Katrin von Lehmann is asking these questions for many years, while exploring the imitation of repetitive processes as her creative work process. Her technique of photo weaving expresses the ambivalence of inner and outer images in their complexity and explores the relationship between a real object and the copy or image of this object.

Lehmann’s photo weavings and drawing objects describe two characteristic properties within her artistic process:

1.     Division and re-assembly of the divided with a third visual, which was not recognizable in the initial situation.

2.     The systematic and intuitive procedural method, used in photo weaving and drawing objects is which are set into a relationship with each other.


Katrin von Lehmann, Baumprozess, 2004, photography, crumple technique, 70.86 x 70.86 inches
Katrin von Lehmann, Quercus Pictus, 2012, installation, photography, twigs, 30.70 x 49.21 x 1.18 inches
Katrin von Lehmann, Black Outs 6, 2010, drawing, object, 67.71 x 28.34 x 1.57 inches
Katrin von Lehmann, Wer, Woher, Wohin, Warum, 2012, drawing, object, 88.58 x 39.37x 1.77 inches