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Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Torre Piantini Suite 1 & 2 A, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Gerard Ellis

Born 1976 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

My resolution is to absolutely enjoy the process of conceiving and making my paintings, to let some kind of alter-ego rise to the surface and take control in their making. Lately I have incorporate fragments of my childhood into various scenarios where I deal with subjects like vulnerability, degradation, corruption, fear and greed.


I think my work carries a strong social component and a dark side to them as a reflect of the technologicaly overwhelmed and paradoxical world we live in today. As a contemporary artist it is also my duty to question the world around me and, its systems and its morality, trying to rise these questions through my work so that the audience can decode these messages and provoke a questioning within themselves as well.

Gerard Ellis, Calamities, 2012, mixed media on canvas, 62 x 80 inches
Gerard Ellis, Untitled (Disillusionment), 2013, mixed media on canvas, 69.5 x 50 inches
Gerard Ellis, Birthday Piñata III, 2013, acrylic and collage on canvas, 44 x 70 inches
Gerard Ellis, The Great Absence, 2013, acrylic on canvas, Ø 44 inches
Gerard Ellis, Heads or Tales, 2013, acrylic and collage on canvas, 38 x 56 inches