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Frank Gerritz

Born 1964 in Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Frank Gerritz is a sculptor. A sculptor, however, who for years has developed his sculptural ideas principally in the form of drawings that nonetheless emanate a markedly space-encompassing energy. Derived from his early floor-sculptures, the artist has established two main series of wall-reliefs: pencil drawings on MDF and oil-stick drawings on anodized aluminum exceptionally minimal in their arrangement.

Alongside these wall-sculptures, several series of drawings on paper, paintick on printed paper as well as monumental wall-drawings have defined the artist’s oeuvre over the past two decades. Equally constructed from a consciously limited geometric vocabulary.

Within the discourses of art history, Frank Gerritz’s works go deeper than the surface, providing a complex weave of the most diverse references and points of view.

Frank Gerritz, Perfect Lovers, 2011, oil paintsick on anodyzied aluminum, 23 ¾ x 70 ¾ inches
Frank Gerritz, Four Center Connection, 2008, pencil on paper, 33 x 46 inches
Frank Gerritz, Multi Colored Marylin (Sideline), 2011, oil paintsick on printed paper, 13 x 10 inches
Frank Gerritz, Dark Spaces V, 2012, oil paintsick on paper, 10 x 8 inches
Frank Gerritz, Cinemascope – Definition of Light, 2012, oil paintsick on anodyzed aluminum, 23 ¾ x 70 ¾ inches