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Elisabetta Di Maggio

Born 1964 in Venice, Italy

The rite of life and its inevitable propagation – with dry branches being left sometimes to die and sometimes to live with an exaggerated vitality – are repeated throughout the entire repertoire of Elisabetta Di Maggio. Her sources are not only anthropological, botanical and scientific illustrations in general, but also lace and wallpaper patterns, seen as the translation by man of nature’s tendency to repeat, permutate and constantly proliferate in an unaltered way, if possible – although this is often upset by trauma and shocks.

Elisabetta Di Maggio takes her subjects from the real world and reads them as structures of force with energy flows running through them. Her cutting work, starting as an imitation of embroidery but soon distancing itself from the restricted field of female handiwork, serves the purpose of highlighting two salient elements of life: the network of communications needed to transmit information on one’s own regenerating, and the time needed for this action to take place.

The forms may appear fragile, but they reflect strong and invincible tendencies of vital processes. For this reason they are also the result of an interminable, disciplined and solitary physical process, so fierce as to make one think of a performance that broadens out day after day.

The whole body of artworks of Elisabetta Di Maggio aim to demonstrate that man constructs his world according to the same basic rules of nature. Life here is reduced to a skeletal form, probed and vivisected.

Elisabetta Di Maggio, Untitled, 2007, tissue paper hand-cut with scalpel, variable dimensions
Elisabetta Di Maggio, Untitled, 2010, blown glass and roses prickles, variable dimensions
Elisabetta Di Maggio, Victoria, 2012, amazon water lily victoria leaves, dried and hand-cut with a scalpel, variable dimensions
Elisabetta Di Maggio, Butterfly flight trajectory # 01, 2011, entomological pins and acetate paper, variable dimensions
Elisabetta Di Maggio, Paris, 2008, soap, variable dimensions