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Dominique Blain

Born 1957 in Montreal, Canada

Social and political history is at the heart of Dominique Blain’s work. Her art is a critical and imaginative reflection of — and a commentary on — contemporary society.

Her ongoing project Mindscapes tackles the issue of human rights through carefully-constructed images whose provocative content defy their apparently innocuous form. By subtly subverting reality, Dominique Blain brings into focus the tragedy behind her works. Her visual vocabulary draws one into her process of questioning, and allows the viewer to participate non-confrontationally in a dialogue on the nature of war, human rights and freedom of speech. Her particular interest lies in the perception of the real. The subjects she examines are, for the most part, universal in nature and always call into question our privileged and unique role as witnesses.

Dominique Blain’s work has been shown in numerous museums: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal; Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Portland Museum of Art; Kunstverein, Frankfurt; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Louisiana Museum, Copenhagen as well as the Sydney Biennale.

Dominique Blain is represented by galerie antoine ertaskiran, a contemporary art gallery based in Montreal. The gallery focuses on emerging and established Canadian and international artists.

Dominique Blain, Rug, 2001-2012, wool, coton, leather, 73 x 111 inches
Dominique Blain, The Oval Office, 2013, inkjet on moab archive paper, 39 x 45 inches
Dominique Blain, Mine Games, 2000-2013, inkjet on canvas, variable dimensions
Dominique Blain, Buddha, Kabul Museum, 2001-2013, video loop
Dominique Blain, Missa, 1992, 100 pairs of army boots, metal grid, nylon string, 276 x 276 inches