Daniel Rothbart – Galerie Depardieu, Nice


Galerie Depardieu

18, Avenue des Fleurs, 06300 Nice, France

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Daniel Rothbart

Born 1966 in Stanford, California, USA

Famous actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood are an important element in the series Glass Tears in Venice of Daniel Rothbart’s oeuvre. Early on in his career, the artist actually set up a fictitious enterprise called “Semiotic Street Situations” to reinforce his belief that American popular culture is desperately entangled in the market values of American capitalism. Certain parallels can be drawn between the Hollywood studio system and the approach of some New York galleries. During the early years of film production, studios would invest a great deal of money to recruit, groom and contract those stars who possessed the greatest box office potential. In the art gallery system there is a similar dynamic where certain dealers invest large sums of money into lavish productions of art, in the hope of making their artists into commercial stars. The current economic changes in the world are affecting the sociopolitical landscape of the United States and we have yet to see whether it will retain its place as a center of cultural production. Rothbart’s flag with Hedy Lamarr will be waving in the Venice air, reminding us that Hollywood is still a place where dreams can be made true.

Invisible Ablutions

Performance by Daniel Rothbart: Saturday, March 9th at 3 pm

at Galerie Depardieu, Booth 1.09

Daniel Rothbart, Invisible Ablutions, Performance, performer/dancer Jessica Harris with one of Daniel's bowl sculptures
Daniel Rothbart, Glass Tears, 2012, digital print on polyester flag, 393.7 x 1181 inches