Alex Fischer


presented by O'Born Contemporary

Born 1986 in Walkerton, ON, Canada

Artists must take responsibility for representing the time in which they live. 
The images of ‘Beyond the Fall’ come from what has become the predominant first-world interface: The personal computer and internet capable device is now the primary filter by which broad swaths of people interact and know themselves. These technologies have the ability to snake our attentions, beliefs and desires, influencing cognition and our experience of the world.

In order to represent these paradigm shifts, Alex Fischer reifies the low-culture of individualistic habits and persuasions to be in dialogue with the ripe philosophy of high art. His chosen medium of digital collage perfectly compliments his artistic process, by which he paints together images from a collection of digital sources. Each piece concedes to multiple interpretations due to Fischer’s choice to obscure the visual space of the image into near abstraction. The narratives encompass characters, scenes, and symbols with all of their ambiguity, insight, and metaphysical baggage on display. The content originates from their adaptations to and the impact of this current age.

Alex Fischer, Aurora, 2011, 4410 x 4200 pixel digital image, 12.6 x 12 inches lightjet
Alex Fischer, Island, 2011, 14400 x 7200 pixel digital image, 48 x 24 inches giclée
Alex Fischer, Parrots, 2011, 14280 x 10200 pixel digital image, 84 x 60 inches giclée
Alex Fischer, The Infant and The Garden Hose, 2011, 15300 x 15300 pixel digital image, 47 inches diameter lightjet
Alex Fischer, Purple Jesus, 2011, 3048 x 3145 pixel digital image, 12.7 x 13.1 inches giclée