Every year VOLTA NY organizes a few special additions to the fair: one independent work by an artist or artists living and working in the Greater New York area but not presented by an exhibiting gallery and several other works of note either too large or not suited to a booth presentation.

David Tully, Shiri Mordechay


Untitled, mixed media site-specific installation, 2011.

7W Main Entrance & Lobby

New York-based artists Shiri Mordechay and David Tully collaborate and find middle ground for VOLTA NY. 

Shiri's world belongs to the past, to ancestors, to things dead. A childhood in Africa. Seeing reality's rawness; of dense emotions; of gravity, of spirits. Having and using a very real clairvoyant ability.

David's world belongs to the future. Catching glimpses, being caught here. The mystery within reach. To searching (perhaps in vain) with practical tools. Both  inhabit a sense of not belonging here. This work attempts to reach other openings. 

David Tully was born in Drogheda, Ireland; he lives and works in New York. Shiri Mordecay was born in Israel, raised in Nigeria and Los Angeles. She received a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts New York; she now resides in New York.

Site:     www.david-tully.com

Email:  david2tully@remove.me @gmail.com

Cell:     +1 646 233 3055


Michael Decker


Old Growth, 1950s-'60s ironing boards, site-specific, 2010 - 2011

7W Lobby (preceding elevators)


Old Growth is a site-specific sculpture that will spontaneously take its form when it is installed in the lobby of 7W, the home of VOLTA NY 2011. It consists of fifty found metal ironing boards that were designed in the 1950s and have been collected by the artist over the past year. While purely utilitarian in origin, the ironing boards conjure up references to California's artistic and cultural heritage and can be seen as painted panels, minimalist monoliths or surfboards. The installation at VOLTA NY is the second time that Old Growth has been presented and will characteristically be vastly different than when previously shown at Steve Turner Contemporary in November 2010, when it consisted of forty-two boards, spiralling upward like a pine cone with the boards entwined tightly in various states of expansion; the work's form is determined by the specific constraints of its site–gallery or busy office building. The title refers to an old growth grove of trees in California's forests, where the trees grow in a range of ways, but they also die and lay prone for decades while decomposing, and they also get chopped down and chopped up for one reason or another. 

Michael Decker (born Spokane, 1982) is a sculptor and installation artist who works primarily with found everyday materials. Previous works were comprised of Beanie Babies, pine cones, pillows, blankets and animal bones. To reflect the urgency of our recessionary times, Decker chooses materials that are accessible, adjustable and portable, enabling him to configure his sculptures under a broad range of circumstances. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Represented by Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, Booth E3


Kirsten Lepore, Arev Manoukian, Glenn Marshall, Hugh McGrory, Scott Pagano, Rob Seward, Mike Winkelmann, Masaki Yokochi, Zeitguised, J.G. Zimmerman



Elevator video screens and shuttle bus film program

Culture Shock Marketing (CSM) and Vimeo are proud to present PROJECTiON, a curated series of contemporary moving image digital artworks selected from Vimeo.com for VOLTA NY. Curated by CSM, works selected include experimental film, computer animation and visual effects. The PROJECTiON initiative views and presents work that has undergone computer/human interaction processes in direct lineage to its cultural predecessors, showing that an expanded digital toolset can lead to an expansion of formal concerns and impulses that can be traced back throughout the canon of art history. The curated series provides an opportunity for VOLTA NY patrons to experience these moving image fine art works in different contexts and environments. Works will be screened in multiple elevators taking visitors to the show, on the exhibition floor and in shuttle buses.

Presented by Culture Shock Marketing (CSM) and Vimeo, Booth A9


Jennifer & Kevin McCoy



11th Floor Foyer

How does the image begin a conversation? What do you have to know about contemporary works in order to find meaning? What can be said about works without the presence of art criticism, without the ever present "back story"? In 2008, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy created a box set of videos called Artists Talks.  These videos compiled 18 performances where actors were asked to present the work of modern and contemporary artists as if it were their own. The actors had no prior exposure or knowledge of the images and the responses were entirely improvised. Their only instruction was to say what they felt should be said about the images when presenting the artworks to the public.  For VOLTA NY, the McCoys have organized tours of the fair in this same spirit.  Visitors will be invited to join ten-minute guided tours by a highly-trained actor who will ruminate, speculate, and pontificate on the works shown at VOLTA NY 2011. Times for the tours will be posted on the artist's desk at location SP4 on the fair map; a talk has also been organized with the artists as part of the OPEN FORUM series.

Represented by Johansson Projects, Oakland, Booth F7