Florian Heinke


presented by Galerie Anita Beckers

Born 1981 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Roads are the arteries of our cities.

They are the lifelines of communication between mankind. They serve to keep us alive. They facilitate trade, are the subject of speeches, and enforce relationships.

Via Appia, Champs Elysees, Fifth Avenue – just its name triggers a variety of images and memories: delivery-vans with fresh vegetables, a romantic stroll, shop windows full of unfulfilled dreams.

And suddenly stones fly, cars burn, people get hit on the head. The basic element of the road, the paving stone, turns into a weapon. The road, just shortly before a means of communication gets demolished. Stone by stone. Gets demolished to hurtle pieces through the air.

The result turns into a whole new scenario. Deprived of its channels, communication is no longer the same. Fragments are left behind. Roads which you should have rather perpetrated are now literally down-and-out. Destroyed, forcing the change of a condition.

The arteries of our cities become wounds and yet wounds heal every day.

Leaving visible scars… Scars which are apparently needed to keep us alive.

Scars which seem to remain invisible to us in the creative process…

Florian Heinke, Riots#37, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 11.81 x 15.75 inch
Florian Heinke, Black diamond, 2010, Installation with paving stones, black lack, variable dimensions