Karl Tuikkanen


Born 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden

In The New Large we are invited to follow Tuikkanens relation to a BMW automobile, once a true status symbol of affluence and luxury manufactured to create awe. Tuikkanen creates a drama following the cycle of life and death, and unfolds a story of industrial production, diminishing value and status. He even investigates the previous owners and their relationship to the car. Finally Tuikkanen has cast the recycled BMW in the role of its sign value, in order to fit the literal dramatisation of its own sign-prestige.

Karl Tuikkanen, The New Large, 2008, 35 x 35 x 64 inches, Iron and Aluminium, Car paint, Stone
Karl Tuikkanen, The New Large (detail), 2008, 26 inches, aluminum, car paint
Karl Tuikkanen, The New Large (detail), 2008, 35 inches, Iron steel, car paint
Karl Tuikkanen, The New Large (video still), 2008, DVD
Karl Tuikkanen, A Long Excuse For The Making Of A Sculpture, 2008, 13 x 11 inches, DVD 33min, Catalogue 37 pages + C-print