For the third edition of VOLTA NY we have teamed up with esteemed French book publishers onestar press to reevaluate the concept of the traditional art fair catalogue. 

The founding concept of VOLTA NY, a strictly solo project fair, was to put equal focus on both the art producer and its supporter, on the creative content as much as on its committed, quality display. We see this as a perfect opportunity to echo this in our catalogue, escaping the usual art-fair catalogue format -- essentially an illustrated address book -- and rather giving each artist complete autonomy over the double-page spread to design an entirely new and fresh piece of work specifically conceived for this publication. 

Over the course of one-hundred and ninety-two pages, the viewer will be witness to the diverse styles, talents, creativity, and flair of the 88 artists, artist collectives or collaborations that are being showcased at VOLTA NY. For the first time, visitors to VOLTA NY will be able to not only experience a diverse range of solo presentations, but leave with an object that records the spirit of said presentations.

Founded in 2000, onestar press is dedicated to the production of books, multiples and movies by artists and with their involvement the VOLTA NY Artists' Book offers a glimpse of the artistic creativity behind the works that will be on show. Christophe Boutin, artist and founder of onestar press, designed the cover and layout of the catalogue, with coordination assistance from onestar press co-founder Mélanie Scarciglia.

VOLTA NY 2010 Artists' Book  can be purchase at VOLTA NY 

Priced US $20

VOLTA NY 2010 Artists' Book
Todd Pavlisko -- samsøn
Federico Solmi -- ADN Galeria
Karina Peisajovich -- Alejandra von Hartz Gallery
Paul Pretzer -- Hamish Morrison Galerie
Skylar Fein -- Jonathan Ferrara