Timotheus Tomicek


presented by Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Born 1978 in Vienna, Austria

Through his juxtaposition of movement and stillness, and references to traditional photorealism, Dutch genre paintings, and the Renaissance, contemporary Viennese artist Timotheus Tomicek forces us to examine our expectations of the familiar. Through his use of installation he composes visual architecture in set sequences that create subtle, uncanny, and haunting movements in the mind of the viewer. His installations include photographic portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and video. These fragmented installations often bringing into play historical painting brought to life through the subtle use of movement, action, and narrative. Tomicek has studied extensively internationally and been exhibited throughout Europe, most recently with a solo show at C/O Editions in Berlin; he was also recently awarded the 15th Welde Art Prize in Photography, and was a 2010 Finalist for the Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy.

Timotheus Tomicek, Glass Girl, 2011, video installation, 54 3/8 x 41 3/8 inches
Timotheus Tomicek, One More, 2010, video installation, 27 ½ x 23 5/8 inches
Timotheus Tomicek, Sophia Revant, 2008, video installation, 35 x 45 inches
Timotheus Tomicek, Confidence, 2011, video installation, 35 x 45 inches