Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Leandro Katz is an American/Argentine visual artist, writer and filmmaker, mainly known for his films and photographic installations. Lived in New York from 1965 until 2006, where he conducted creative and academic activities. He has been a member of the faculty at the School of Visual Arts, Brown University and William Paterson University.

His works include long-term projects that incorporate historical research, anthropology and visual arts, dealing with Latin American subjects. The Catherwood Project, a photographic reconstruction of the two 1850's expeditions of Stephens and Catherwood to the Maya areas of Central America and Mexico, Project For The Day You'll Love Me, investigates Che Guevara´s execution in Bolivia, Paradox, about the banana plantations in the Maya region, and Vortex, which addresses the social and literary history of the rubber industry of the Putumayo River.

He has produced many artists’ films and books. His latest, S(h)elf Portrait, was recently published in Buenos Aires where he currently lives.


LEANDRO KATZ. Lunar Alphabet I, Lunar Sentence I, 1978. Black and white photographs mounted on board. 31,49 x 53,15 inches / 80 x 135 cm. (Alphabet) . 32,28 x 40,16 inches / 82 x 102 cm. (Sentence).