MARCH 5–8, 2015


An invitational solo project fair for contemporary art.



With mutual acknowledged VIP access with The Armory Show




>> Watch Amanda Coulson talking about this important move in the 2 min video:



VOLTA NY is an invitational fair of solo artist projects and is the American incarnation of the original Basel VOLTA show, which was founded in 2005 by three art dealers as a fair "by galleries, for galleries".

Upon its arrival in New York in 2008, VOLTA NY was conceived as a rigorously curated, boutique event and a place for artistic discovery. The fair showcases relevant contemporary art positions regardless of the artist's or gallery's age. Galleries must maintain deeply meaningful relationships with their artists and nurture them throughout their careers. By spotlighting artists through solo projects, VOLTA NY refocuses the art fair experience back to its must fundamental point: the art itself.

In March 2015, VOLTA NY inaugurates its new home location at PIER 90 in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The landmark move positions it adjacent to Piers 92 and 94, the longtime platform for its sister fair, The Armory Show, and the focal point of March fair season. Moving to PIER 90 allows for synergy between both fairs and their collector bases while retaining VOLTA NY's distinct character and rigorous curation — the foundation for VOLTA's mission since its 2008 debut.

VOLTA NY is a platform for challenging, often complementary — and sometimes competing — ideas about contemporary art. Single-artist booths functioning more closely to proper exhibitions rather than traditional presentations proliferate the contemporary fair scene now. VOLTA NY has made solo projects its mandate and foundation from its inception in 2008, offering a prime opportunity to discover the practices of today's most salient artists while refocusing the art fair experience back to its most fundamental point: the art itself.



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