VIDEO WALL // 2017

The Video Wall, located at the fair’s entrance, is a supplemental program to this year’s Curated Section, Your Body is a Battleground, curated by Wendy Vogel. The video works have been chosen by Vogel to provide added context and content to the exhibition.



Kent Monkman: Casualties of Modernity

Peters Projects / Santa Fe, 14:18 min

Gabriel Martinez: Poolside

Samsøñ / Boston, 1:31 min

Zachary Fabri: Forget me not, as my tether is clipped

ROCKELMANN & / Berlin, 14:50 min

Joiri Minaya: Siboney

Casa Quien / Santo Domingo, 10:00 min

Sable Elyse Smith: How We Tell Stories to Children

MOCADA / Brooklyn, 5:09 min

Chelsea and Autumn Knight: Instructions for a Fight

Video Courtesy of the Artists, 4:09 min

Carlos Jiménez Cahua: Untitled123

Samsøñ / Boston, 71:28 min