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Zorzini Gallery

44 Sfintii Apostoli Street, Building A, Floor 3, Natiunile Unite Square

040091 Bucharest, Romania

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Szilard Gaspar is a highly skillful young sculptor and a brilliant performance artist coming from the Cluj School of Art, Romania; born in 1991 in Transylvania, the artist graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Sculpture Department, while also being a promising young professional boxer, successfully representing Romania in many different international sport competitions.

The range of performances of the last five years, including a performance session held by Flash Art Hungary in Budapest in 2014, reflect Szilard Gaspar’s increasing interest for integrating specific boxing techniques within the frame of performance art, in order to obtain a most unique and very special conceptual approach; his sportive talent enriches Szilard Gaspar’s research from both a spectacular and a credible perspective.

Zorzini Gallery booth presentation comprises new and unique artworks in bronze and fiber glass, accompanied by video presentations, all documenting the different performances that Szilard Gaspar realized between 2015 and 2017. The artists will also be presenting a series of performances at the VOLTA Art Fair, reflecting his research upon the nature of the struggle between human power and art matter.

Szilard Gaspar, Action Relief 10, 2016, Fiberglass and paint, variable dimensions
Szilard Gaspar, Action Sculpture – Boxing Bag, 2016, Fiberglass and paint, variable dimensions
Szilard Gaspar, Full Contact: Action Reliefs – Black, 2016-17, Fiberglass and paint, variable dimensions, courtesy of Zorzini Gallery
Szilard Gaspar, Full Contact, 2016, performance view, courtesy of Zorzini Gallery
Szilard Gaspar, Golden Helmet, 2016-17, Bronze, lifesize
Szilard Gaspar, Golden Gloves, 2017, Bronze, lifesize