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Lester Rodríguez’s (*1984, Honduras) proposal explores the relationships of physical geography and symbolic constructions that derive from it.

Lester’s installations operate as semantic catalysts of complex and convulsive phenomena through the concentration of densities and materials that refer to concepts linked to the notion of displacements, migrations, territories, frontiers and their social and political implications. In this sense, one of the aspects that Rodriguez's work articulates, refers to the fact that, as a whole we are subject to the effects of both physical and symbolic transformations in the concept of territory and the idea of territoriality. In this sense, his projects explore the way in which changes occur in the social structure both materially and immaterially.

These ideas are part of a body of work that has conceptually been explored in his work; these approaches have allowed him to investigate around a diversity of aspects that are developed through the use of elements such as maps, books, territorial extensions, objects, etc.

In Rodríguez's work, the object becomes an element that brings together the different variables of a diversity of concepts in which this dialectic relationship unfolds through the way in which these ideas determine the final structure of objects or installations.

In his constant quest to open questions and to potentiate the debate through art, Lester's works are visual metaphors focused on presenting the paradoxes surrounding social problems as well as questioning the narratives of violence in our society.

Lester Rodríguez, Crossing, 2016, Offset printing paper boats, variable dimensions
Lester Rodríguez, Dough, 2016, Wood Chess pawns, variable dimensions
Lester Rodríguez, Every Land is a Border, 2016, wood and paint, 25 x 200 cm
Lester Rodríguez, 3,180 km (in picture 522,760), 2016, Toothpicks on wood, 22 x 125 cm