Gallery H.A.N., Seoul

Gallery H.A.N.

23-4, Insadong 10-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul 3146, South Korea



Mija Choi: Time always moves. People live everyday like the sunrise and sunset. My works fill in the color of emotion, including our routine life.

I only use a knife. The knife is not as precise or sharp as a brush. However, the feeling coming from the thin side seems to represent my personality. Drawing a line with the angle of the knife and stuffing the color into it is my routine, like a clock. The colors filled in are my emotions coming from relationships with people around me. Some days are happy, some days are fun, some days something sad happens.....

I was honestly expressing my everyday feeling in society. It seems to be a diagram that resembles my picture diary. We have to live with whatever may happen until we die. That's our life and the rules of world.

I don't know what else will happen tomorrow, but I am committed to working with my feelings now...

Mija Choi, Passion170201, 2017, Oil on canvas 181 x 181 cm
Mija Choi, Passion1601, 2016, Oil on canvas, 181 x 181 cm
Mija Choi, Passion150601, 2015, Oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm
Mija Choi, Passion150401, 2015, Oil on canvas, 90.7 x 90.7 cm