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Ezra Johnson: Janitor’s Closet

Although rarely exhibited, I have been making sculptural renditions of common, household objects for about fifteen years. These sculptures are a comical attempt to make a portrait of the world through the products that are everywhere, which we consume without a thought. Although sculptural, they are in many ways about painting and color. Iconic forms, so familiar the shapes can be distorted and the colors still convey meaning. A major attraction to clay is the way it's effected by gravity. I like how it collapses under its own weight. For example with the mop bucket, I tried to make it look realistic but it starts to get heavy and then the form breaks down. I like to let that happen.

Ezra Johnson, Mop and Mop Bucket and Stool, 2017, glazed ceramics, dimensions variable
Ezra Johnson, Three Shelves of Dish Cloths, 2014, enamel, porcelain, under-glaze, sponge and wood, 36 x 48 x 6 inches