A New Stance for Tomorrow

VOLTA NY, Sketch and the Tribeca Grand Hotel present a film and installation project

A specially-commissioned project by VOLTA NY and the Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand Hotels

Curated By: Victoria Brooks & Natalie Kovacs

"A New Stance for Tomorrow"--curated by Natalie Kovacs, independent curator, and Victoria Brooks, film and video curator at Sketch in London--takes a positive spin from what might grow out of an "Age of Anxiety"--the sub-title for this year's VOLTA NY--it concentrates on alternative visions and innovations by artists, designers and filmmakers, from the 1950s to today.

"A New Stance for Tomorrow" includes screenings, site specific design, sound art and performative installation and dissolves the boundaries between art, architecture and design whilst creating experimental imaginings and positive propositions for the future.  

Daily screenings of the films by: 

Adrian Blackwell / Byron Broadbent / Michel de Broin / Charles & Ray Eames / Tim Etchells / Noam Gonick & Luis Jacob / Claire Hooper / Pierre Joseph & Philippe Parreno / Yves Klein / Oswaldo Macia / Simon Martin / Mathieu Mercier / Alain Resnais / Pia Rönicke / Robert Stadler / Mika Taanila / Andrea Zittel

will be shown in the Tribeca Grand's screening room on:

Wed. 4th March, 4pm;  Thurs. 5th, 7pm and 10pm; Fri. 6th, 2pm; Sat. 7th and Sun. 8th, 7pm


Also on show in Tribeca Grand's Sanctum is the performative installation of four short films with sound,  "Wildflowers of Manitoba" by Noam Gonick + Luis Jacob. The work is presented within a furnished geodesic dome whose projected films feature four young men living off the grid in an idealistic survivalist camp on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. The loosely scripted scenes establish a naturalist idyll seemingly removed from modernity and, like wildflowers, the male subjects are intimately tied to a seductive meadow that is bordered by abandoned railway tracks and virgin beaches. Staged for the camera, the set and subjects evoke a distant, more innocent era where alternative, collective lifestyles flourished. With music by visionary seventies Québécois rock band Harmonium.

Daily  performances from March 4th- 8th from 4pm - 10 pm.  



Conduit Street

London W1S 2XG, UK


victoriab@sketch.uk.com / nataliekovacs@yahoo.ca






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